Space Group No. 10

In the following videos all symmetry operations of space group no. 10 are visualized. While the first video contains all reflections and rotations the second one presents all inversions.

One thought on “Space Group No. 10

  1. Dear Mr. Cakir,

    The reflections and rotations can be seen very clearly. But I would suggest to add vocal comment [!] alongside the stream of images, explaining e.g. that a combination of elementary hyperplane reflection and orthogonal (to the hyperplane) translation leads to the extra plane of reflection located at half the distance of the translation. And similarly I would add such comments to the axis of rotation by 180 degrees and their combinations with orthogonal (to the axis, or in the plane of rotation) translations, which leads to a shift of the axis of rotation by half the distance of the translation applied. Similarly each center of inversion combined with a translation should be commented vocally as well.

    In order to increase the visual 3D perception, at the beginning of each video I suggest that the whole cell or arrangement of cells with the graphical depictions of the symmetry elements to be explained should be globally rotated 2 or 3 times (using the function animate scene rotation).

    For the orientation of the vectors a, b, c I suggest that two possibilities:
    1) a points out of the screen, b points to the right, c points upward
    2) a points to the right, b points into the screen, c points upward

    With kind regards, Eckhard Hitzer


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