Space Group No. 135: Glide Reflections

This video presents all glide reflections of space group no. 135. I tried to explain the operations with vocal comment and simplified expressions.


2 thoughts on “Space Group No. 135: Glide Reflections

  1. Dear Mr. Cakir,

    Excellent! The spoken comment is quite helpful. And you did well in deciding to not read out every formula in detail. At the end, your name as the video producer and acknowledgement of the DAAD-RISE support should also appear briefly.

    The video is already 3 minutes. So I do not really want to add to it. But it may be good at the beginning to only show the triplet of vectors a,b,c (blending out the rest) and rotate briefly, so that the viewer gets familiar with the vector arrangement by color.

    The last generator is written on the screen as (ab)b(ab)T()T(). But please note that
    (ab)b(ab) =*= a(ab) =*= b. I think the mistake is, that there is a missing inverse needed for the first bracket:
    (ab)^{-1}b(ab). But that is just a small thing to fix I hope.

    With kind regards,
    Eckhard Hitzer


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