Space Group No. 135: Screws

This video presents all screws of space group no. 135 in 3D.

Note: I mixed up the translations in the forth and fifth screw while commenting but it is displayed correctly in the simplified expression. First we have a translation by c and then a translation by a.


One thought on “Space Group No. 135: Screws

  1. Dear Mr. Cakir,

    Thank you. That is really fantastic. Only the audio level is far too low. It should be increased by at least a factor of 3! Please try that in Movavi. The Latex text is very good to have. But when I go in full screen mode, it is not sharp enough. I will send you an example of what I mean, what can be done to improve this situation. And in one instance on the screen was given in latex a translator T(a), but in words you said T(c). Please check that as well.

    With kind regards,
    Eckhard Hitzer


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